Monday, 23 July 2012

I love Kandee Johnson: Despite What the Haters Say

Kandee Johnson

Okay, I been all into YouTube for the past couple months, actually for a project I am doing for one of Intrigue Media's sites. I been looking for people who have become really successful on there to contribute to a series of articles we are going to be writing about success. Anyway, throwing that aside for a second, whilst doing so I came across Kandee Johnson again, I used to watch her beauty vids a while ago and kinda strayed away because I was way too busy to do so. Anyway upon, Googling some research stuff about her I found some really nasty things said about her on various forums. I actually was not impressed. 

I mean, I know that the more successful you get, the more haters just seem to turn up. I have had no personal experience with Kandee Johnson, I have never met her or spoke to her. I don't know anyone who knows her either. However, I still feel the need to say this, I think the lady is pretty darn cool. Why? Let me just tell you why! 

She is Hardworking 
She has 3 Kids and still manages to get all this stuff done! Way to go! 
Her father recently passed but she still found the courage to write up some blog posts and let everyone know what was going on 
She motivates others 
She believes in her own ability 
She is confident, so it seems anyway 
She holds a banner for women who have kids and no father around to support 
She seems like a strong woman to me....all power to her 

You have to just admire a woman who can just get up and get things done. Regardless of what is going on in her life. I personally take my hat off to her, I know that the so called beauty gurus do get a lot of stick. They also get a lot of love too. I am in full support of all the YouTubers who are just totally throwing it down and taking advantage of it while it is still around. Because with the Internet, it could be here today and gone tomorrow! 

I also read a lot of people saying that it is a pointless role being a YouTube guru and not doing anything else. Well, from what I know some of these gurus have their own businesses, they even promote their own businesses through YouTube. As, it is an effective way of doing so, anyway I am kind of rambling on so I am going to end it there. I just wanted to voice my opinion, and shout out Kandee Johnson! She is the bomb diggity! You go girl!!!!! 


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