Friday, 3 August 2012

Another YouTuber I am Loving! Shirley Eniang

As you guys know, I am on a YouTube trip right now! I love watching some of these cool people chat online! Give advice and generally inspire, well some of them anyway. One young lady that I am totally loving at the moment is a girl called Shirley Eniang. She reminds of Jordin Sparks and Nia Long all at the same time, its kind of strange lol. Anyway, she is lovely and very smart, and I love the way she puts her vids together.  Check out her video below, and I am hoping I can interview her @ some point because she seems really cool. I won't bank on it for now though, because most of the YouTube gurus don't respond to you when you e mail them. Anyway, watch one of her vids below and go subscribe!


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