Friday, 3 August 2012

Love Beauty Crush (YouTube)

YouTubers I love: BeautyCrush                                          

I love YouTube, it's no secret, I am always on there looking for vids to go on my online music and style mag. I can sit for hours on YouTube until I realise I have other work to do other than magazine stuff ha ha ha. Anyway, one of my fave YouTubers is Beautycrush.
I know some girls have been bitching about her and saying she doesn't deserve to be making a living from her YouTube and blah blah. I don't know her personally but, I think she has worked hard on her videos and she works hard to promote her blog and YouTube channels. So, I just wanted to say, I love BeautyCrush and many of the other YouTube success stories. Good on you all....I think it is time that we just stop hating on people and start patting people on the back for doing good! Keep up the good work Beauty Crush. Oh, one last thing, I did ask her to feature on my online magazine  and she didn't respond. No hard feelings though, I still think she is cool. She is probably way tooooo busy! ha ha.  It's all love xxx

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