Friday, 3 August 2012

Love Love KimmayTube on YouTube


I'm on a YouTube kick today ha ha, when I'm @ home and done with all this Olympic ish, I'm gonna film some vids for my new YouTube Channel. Anyway, I just wanted to throw out another YouTuber that I just totally love! KimmayTube. I will be honest I wasn't sure how to take her because a lot of people were saying negative stuff about her. I checked out her vids and I was hooked! If you have natural afro hair and you want to learn how to grow it like her hair then check out her videos. Subscribe and like, because she knows what she is talking about! She is an amazing woman, strong and determined, I love her! Salute!!!!! Check out her video below and go check out more on her channel.  xxxxxxxx Love Love xxxxx 


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