Friday, 2 November 2012

Keeda: Next Big Australian Artist!


I have been going through a couple of YouTube videos recently, and I am totally loving this really cool artist called Keeda from Australia. I saw her on Australian X Factor, and I really love what she represents. You know there are so many female artists out there who have no substance at all, with this young lady she got so much substance. She writes, sings, dances and, and she can act too! She is not just a copy cat pop act which is what I really like about her.

After watching her video for her new single "Ain't No Cinderella" I actually ended up interviewing her for our online music mag, Intrigue Magazine  and she seems a really intelligent young lady. Not just beauty, brains and talent too!!!! I just wanted to blog about her today because I really think this girl is going places!! She got it! You know when you just know that an artist is going to be the next big thing?

A few years back, I blogged about Adele and said she was going to be the next big thing, and she was. This time I am blogging about Keeda, and I think she could really give some of these female artists a run for their money. Australia really does have talent!!! Keep your eyes open for this young lady, because she is going to be storming through real soon!!! Oh, and if you didn't get a chance to check out the interview I did on Keeda, you can  check it out here! Intrigue Magazine Keeda Interview 

In the meantime you can get  her brand new single on iTunes here and check out the video for Ain't No Cinderella below!!

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