Sunday, 27 January 2013

Amazing Raw Food

I am totally and utterly in Love with the raw food lifestyle. I did it before and hated it! As you guys should know by now, I am a vegan. However, I found it really hard to go raw the last time around. This time I am finding it so easy. I have made some really yummy meals, and I feel great. Usually at around 5pm I feel tired and need, or want a nap. Today I have not felt any tiredness at all! I am up 2 am blogging and writing articles for clients. I am actually having the time of my life with this new lifestyle.

If you guys follow my other YouTube channel Vegan Fresh, you will know that I am doing a 30 day raw challenge to kickstart my system for a 75 percent raw diet. I think I could quite comfortably eat raw without adding any cooked food. The only issue I have with the raw lifestyle is the social aspect of it. I know I would have no fun going to a restaurant with some mates only to be able to eat a bowl of fruit whilst everyone else were tucking into some more substantial meals. I am sure I could get used to it though, for now I am enjoying the benefits and I am loving the energy!

I am going to be vlogging my raw food lifestyle on the main YouTube channel. I will also throw bits and pieces into my vlogs on the Pink Intrigue channel too.

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