Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blogging, Chillin' and Juicin'

Blogging and Juicing xxxx

These past few days I have been having a ball, blogging, chilling and juicing. This raw food lifestyle is going great for me! I am loving every minute of it, I have already lost 14 lbs in just over 10 days and I feel amazing. I have experienced some detox symptoms but nothing too serious. I am having the best time of my life, I got my new juicer on Saturday and I have been making tons of juices and guzzling them down. I have had client work to do which consisted of blog posts for two clients based in Australia, so I have been having a ball. The juicing has made me super energetic, and super happy, I have had a few off days but overall I have loved eating the raw fresh foods and juicing. 

Strike a pose xxx

I have also been taking lots and lots of photos. I fell off the whole photography thing for a while because I was just way too busy with my client work. However, I have recently discovered that my passions are photography, healthy food and writing. So why not put all those things together in my blogs??? Light bulb moment huh???? Yep this week I have had an epiphany, actually several. I am not going to tell exactly what conclusions I have come to, but I am going to say that I know what I need to do! Obviously, you guys know I am a journalist and business owner right? Well, I have been writing about all kinds of issues but I have now decided I want to write about one particular thing.  You will see, so there is no need for me to tell you on here. You will find out soon enough! Oh, and if you guys have not checked out my vlogs and natural skincare stuff on YouTube, get over there!!! lol. My vlog link is pink intrigue vlog

My beloved juice

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