Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blogging, Chilling and Thrifting: Cheapest Doctor Marten's Ever!!!!

I have spent my weekend, working, blogging, thrifting and chilling out. I had a work thing to go to yesterday, which was Saturday. I then ended up stumbling across a huge thrift sale in a church hall. I entered with no intention of buying anything. I had £20 in my purse and did not plan on spending it. I actually had no choice lol! I had to spend some of it! I stumbled upon this beacons of Dr. Marten heaven, and I had to purchase them.

Guess how much I paid for them? Seriously guess how much????? £4, yes £4!!! I did a quick YouTube video about this amazing feat, I even made a mistake actually and said I got them for £5 in the vid. So in case you have watched that video and you heard me say £5, I actually paid £4 for them. I have always liked my DM's however, I have only ever owned one pair because I really didn't want to spend £100 on a pair of causal shoes. I bought my first black pair for £30 from a car boot sale. I thought I had grabbed a bargain then. I think they could have sold them for a little bit more and people would have still paid for them.

I also got an accessorize bag for 50 pence, and a pair of Pyjamas for my son for like 50p, and they are from Marks and Spencers, and they were brand new. I am in total shock right now!!! Some amazing bargains!!! Check out the video below because I didn't even take photographs of everything I got.

I also stumbled upon this little convenience store called Simply Fresh. I will be going in there more often, in between big shops. I hate having to go to the little corner stores to buy bread or other bits because they are expensive. This store is a convenience store but their prices are similar to that off a supermarket. They have everything you need there, they are pretty smart as well because the students will no doubt be shopping there for their little bits and pieces.

It is Sunday now, and I plan on having a movie night. On my own, yes sad I know!! No actually I really love my own company. I have a couple of DVD's that I want to sink my teeth into, so after I finish uploading my YouTube videos, I am going to snuggle up in bed and watch movies. It is raining in good old London town so this is the perfect night for snuggling in bed and watching films.

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