Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Blogging & chilling with fruit

<p>Today i feel so exhausted. Even setting up my computer is a huge chore. I'm blogging from my phone which is proving difficult lol. </p>
<p>Last night i stayed up doing client work and editing videos. I ended up going to bed @ 6am, so I am dying for more sleep. I ended up throwing some Disney on for my son and curled up in bed with tea, fruit and my phone. I have actually managed to get two client article pieces done on my trusty Samsung Android phone. It takes forever to type one word. However, it sure beats sitting up with my laptop right now. </p>
<p>I am on this health kick right now and i think i am having detox symptoms. Apart from the tiredness and the horrible detox symptoms, I am loving life. I have been watching retro films on netflix recently, been on a karate kid high. Karate kid is one of my fave films btw, so that's another thing you guys didn't know hehe.
Anyway I am outy xoxoxoxo

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