Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pink Intrigue Loves...Ricky Richards: YouTuber

Ricky Richards: YouTuber 

Every day on my Instagram I post a pic of someone I am really liking at the moment. Today I posted Ricky Lee Richards. Most people will know him as being a YouTuber and he was previously connected with the highly successful YouTuber BeautyCrush.
 I do not know him personally, and I have no interest in his personal life. I just like his Instagram pictures and I adore his creativity in his videos. I have been watching his recent Canada vlogs, and I am loving them to the core.

He really knows how to piece together fragments of any given day and make it look cinematic. If you guys have never watched his videos, go and check them out. Also, if you are interested in Tattoos, he is your guy. He has a few of those too, so head on over to his Instagram and check out the pics, then take a trip to his YouTube and enjoy the content! Have fun, oh and I hope to interview him soon so watch this space!!!

>>>His YouTube channel <<<
>>>His Instagram <<<

Warning! His vlogs are pretty addictive! Check out one of the vids I just watched called: Ice Cream in Winter. Watch it below xxxx

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