Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Taryll Jackson: Best of All Time

Taryll Jackson 

One of my bloggers sent me this link today, and I just had to post it up. I really have not been keeping track of the extended Jackson family. I had no idea that Taryll Jackson was even still singing, or that he had released any material. The song 'Best of All Time' was written by Taryll Jackson, Tito Jackson's son for his Late uncle Michael. Being honest, the song is not amazing, it is sweet and heartfelt but there is nothing special about it.

I used to be a massive fan of 3T in the 90's, I went to see them twice and loved it both times. I still admire them for keeping Michael's memory alive, that is why I had to post this song up. I am sure most true MJ fans would have probably already heard it. However, for those who have stayed off the extended Jackson family radar, have a listen.

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