Saturday, 19 July 2014

Beautycrush's Heart to Heart

Hey guys! As you might already know, I run my business, Intrigue Media from home. I love it but sometimes it can get a little bit lonely. You might also know that I really love reading blogs. Fashion, music,politics, beauty, health, personal development, you name it. 

One of the girls in the blogging community I really enjoy following is Sammi from Beautycrush. I recently read a post where she talked about how lonely it can get working from home. I am glad she out this out there because there are many people who read her blogs who probably think she is always happy. I think it is important for successful people to show the reality sometimes. All the glitz and glamour is also great to see. However, it is also important to show themselves as being human. 

I am glad she posted this little heart to heart on her blog because there are people out there who are struggling with loneliness too. Good on you Sammi ! 

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