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Go Native Camden: Apartment Review

Go Native Camden 

Over the weekend I stayed in a really cool apartment just off the Caledonian Road in North London.  Here is my review. 

Where did I book Go Native? 
I booked Go Native through Booking.com and it was an easy and seamless experience. I had no issues at all, it literally took 30 seconds. The total cost for 2 nights stay was £218. This might seem expensive to some people but I thought it was a pretty good deal. Considering some other similar apartments cost £150-£200 per night. 

Were there any extra charges? 
Nope! Some apartments and hotels charge a security deposit. The other apartment I planned on booking actually charge a security deposit of £300. They refund this money after 10 working days upon inspection of the property. There were no hidden charges and I did not have to pay a security deposit. Obviously, I was very happy about this! 

Finding Go Native Camden 
I am really bad when it comes to directions! I can literally have a map in front of me and Google maps telling me where to go, and I will still get lost.  However, I found Go Native Camden really easily. The closest underground station to Go Native is Caledonian Road, which is on the Piccadilly Line. I actually walked from the Overground station which is called Caledonian Road and Barnsley. It was actually a really long walk, but it was straightforward so I have no complaints. You can actually take a bus from the station all the way to the property. The bus stop is a minute away from the apartment building. The property is located on the Camden Road at the end of Hillmarton Road. 

Go Native Bathroom 

Check in process
I called Go Native in the morning before I checked in, and they told me that the property was an unmanned property. Which basically means that staff do not stay there overnight, there is no reception desk and guests have to check in on on their own. Initially I was pretty apprehensive about this because I cannot stand typing in codes etc. In the booking e mail they sent me, they provided a door code and customer safe code. The customer safe code gives you access to a small safe where you will find your room keys. The check in time is supposed to be 3pm but I requested a 2 pm check in. I arrived at 13:35 and the property manager was outside waiting for me. We entered the property and he gave me the keys, it was a seamless process. The manager was friendly and very helpful.

First Impressions
As soon as I walked in to my apartment I noticed how clean the place was. Everything looked clean and perfectly placed. The decor was simple and modern, with hard wood flooring and touches of grey, white and orange. In the apartment description it stated that the studio had a kitchenette. I assumed that the kitchen would be tiny with no room to swing a cat. However, I was very surprised to find a full sized hob, oven, spacious cupboards, microwave, washing machine, fridge and large storage cupboards next to the fridge. There were cups, plates, bowls and other utensils in the cupboards and drawers. I was very impressed!

The bathroom was modern with a cubical shower and large mirror with toilet and free toiletries from the White Company. The toiletries included, shower gel, bar soap, dental kit, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and shower cap. There were 2 large towels and 2 small towels. There was also a small bath mat towel hanging over the shower cubical. Overall first impressions were good! However, one thing I did notice when I began walking around the apartment was this strange sound every time I walked near the wardrobe. I realised that the floor vibrated every time I went near the wardrobe, it made a really annoying sound but I got used to it. The wardrobe was pretty big with plenty of space for your belongings. There was a hair dryer, iron and ironing board in the wardrobe.

Go Native Kitchen 

How comfortable was the bed?

The bed was very comfortable and the sheets were soft and very good quality. One thing I did notice was I became really hot at night, I couldn't find a thermostat to turn the room temperature down. However, I opened the window and it was fine.

On my first night at the apartment, there was a lot of noise coming from the apartment above. It was really loud, it sounded like they were having some kind of party. This kind of thing does not bother me so much but I think if you had a young child with you, this would not be a good thing. Because the apartment is unmanned it means you have to ring an emergency number if you want to make a complaint, or if you need something urgently. This didn't bother me so much because I didn't really have any major issues to complain about. One other thing I would like to add about the noise. The apartment building is on a main road, The Camden Road which is busy road. I had no problem with this but if you want a more quiet location then this might not be for you.

Using the Bathroom
The bathroom was clean and very modern, the shower cubicle had two shower heads. One waterfall shower, and one small handheld shower. The waterfall shower was  a little pointless because the pressure was really weak. However, the handheld shower was decent enough. The bathroom is pretty small but I was happy with it, I would say it was a standard sized hotel bathroom.

Using the Kitchen
The kitchen had an electric cooker and electric oven. All the appliances looked brand new and very clean. I made a cooked breakfast in the morning and I had no problems with any of the appliances. One of the things that was missing from the kitchen was the dustpan and brush. Other than that, the kitchen was fully equipped with all the necessary utensils, tea and coffee making facilities, and free tea, coffee, sugar and milk. There were also cleaning products under the sink. Very impressed with the kitchen facilities.

Final Thoughts
I have no major complaints, the only thing I did notice was the lack of housekeeping. I only stayed for 2 nights so it wasn't really too bad. However, in most hotels they clean your room every day if requested. However, because this is an unmanned property you have to do the cleaning yourself. I did read somewhere that if you stay for a week, they will clean the room once a week. I managed to keep the place really clean and tidy, so it wasn't really an issue for me. I was happy with everything including the Wifi, which was free of charge. I had a comfortable couple of nights at Go Native Camden, and I would actually stay there again. I would recommend this place for people who need a place to stay when visiting London for a a few days. It is cheaper than central London hotels and apartments. It might not be in central London but the transport links are good. It is only one stop away from Kings Cross on the Piccadilly Line, and just a few more stops away from Leicester Square. For the price I think it is steal!

Star rating>>>>>>>>>

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