Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jarrod Lawson at the Jazz Cafe

Jarrod Lawson

I recently went to see the amazing Jarrod Lawson Live in concert at The World Famous Jazz Cafe in London's Camden. I  had the most fantastic time. The atmosphere was electric and Jarrod and his band were out of this world. I am actually still on a musical high right now from the show! I have seen Jarrod once before in the States however, this was even better, I will definitely be going to another Jarrod Lawson concert if I get the chance to do so.  If you like Soul/Jazz music you will love Jarrod, his voice is like butter and his lyrics are extremely  powerful.

I have posted the full show review on here >>>> Sound Synergy go and check it out, and in the meantime check out one of tracks from the live show below. (This was live in Paris before the London shows)

Image  credits: AudioLove

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