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4 Cool Vegan YouTube Channels to Bookmark

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Cool Vegan YouTube channels 

Anyone who knows me will know that I am addicted to YouTube. I don't actually watch television these days, I am constantly on YouTube watching vlogs, documentaries, workout videos, and recipe videos. I love watching What I eat in a day vlogs, not sure why lol.  I think it's the nosey neighbour in me that just relishes the chance to sit and watch endless hours of other peoples lives. If I am not working, exercising, cooking or reading, I am watching YouTube videos. So, this post is necessary methinks! Anyway, read on to find out the 4 vegan YouTube channels I am watching at the moment. (I am no longer vegan but I still find these videos really useful because I still eat a lot of plant based food)

Naturally Stefanie 

Stefanie is a vegan fitness enthusiast from Scotland, I love her videos! She makes what I eat in a day vlogs, workout vlogs and general topical vlogs. I love her accent, her fun playful attitude and she has some cool meal ideas too! She also has a really cool recipe eBook out, so check that out too here>>>>  Stefanie's eBook   Check out her YouTube channel here >>>> Stefanie's YoutTube Channel 

Brianna Jackfruitson 

Brianna is a raw vegan, I first started watching her channel after I met her at the UK fruit festival in 2014. I had an amazing time there, and she seemed really sweet. I subscribed to her channel and I have been watching her videos ever since. She mainly does what I eat in a day videos, but she also posts topical vlogs as well. Most of the food she prepares looks really colourful, simple and delicious. Her channel is excellent for young people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. She makes the raw vegan lifestyle look simple and enjoyable, I highly recommend her channel! Go check it out >>>>> Brianna's channel

Nadja No Cheese 

I first started watching Nadja's channel because I was very interested in the starch solution. She has an extensive playlist of starch solution food diaries, she is really likeable, and I love her laid back style of vlogging. Her videos are interesting because she travels quite often and she definitely lives life to the fullest. I recently started watching Nadja's videos again after taking a break from her channel for a couple of months. She is no longer eating cooked vegan food, and has switched to a fully raw eating plan. However, I still think her channel is great for people who are starting out on the starch solution plan, because she has a whole host of videos where she shows you exactly what she eats on the starch solution plan over a period of 3 or 4 days.  Go check her out here >>>>>> Nadja's YouTube channel 

Nina and Randa 

I stumbled upon Nina and Randa's channel a couple of weeks ago, and I have pretty much watched all of their videos. They have general vlogs on their channel as well as workout videos and what I eat in a day videos. They live a label free vegan lifestyle, which I think is more realistic for people who are  just starting out. They don't eat just cooked food, they don't eat just raw food. They eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as other healthy cooked plant based foods. They are really likeable and their videos are well made. Go check them out >>>> Nina and Randa 

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