Friday, 10 July 2015

Art Exhibitions to Visit in London this Summer

Tomoko Yoneda: Beyond Memory 

London is a hive of creativity in the summer months, so if you are looking for some cool art exhibitions to attend this summer, we have listed 5 appetising free exhibitions to check out. 

Carsten Nicolai - Unicolour 

Raster-Noten boss Carsten Nicholai is currently staging his superb Unicolour installation at Brewer Street Car Park in central London. 

This stunning installation stretches panoramic wavelengths of blue, red, green and grey. The viewer is treated to a vast expanse of sound and colour, inspired by Goethe's Theory Of Colour and the work of artists such as Josef Albers and Johannes Itten. 

We are totally in love with this installation because it not only explores different ideas around artistic expression, but it also demonstrates the potential of digital technologies in audio-visual art. 

The installation started on June 23 and will finish on August 2 at the Vinyl Factory's space at Brewer Street Car Park, Brewer Street, London W1F 0LA.  Admission is free and opening times are Tuesday to Sunday 12-6pm.

Tomoko Yoneda: Beyond Memory 
Tomoko Yoneda

If you are interested in photography, head on over to Grimaldi Gavin, Piccadilly to feast your eyes on Tomoko Yoneda's Beyond Memory exhibition. The exhibition chronicles the Japanese born London based photographers works over the last 14 years. Her work is evocative, sometimes gut-wrenching and in many ways thought provoking.

The exhibition runs until August 7 at the Grimaldi Gavin gallery, 27 Albemarle St, London, W1S 4DW. Opening times:  Monday-Friday 11 am- 6 pm  and Saturday: 12-4pm 

Ishiuchi Miyako, Frida Kahlo's Personal Belongings Photographed 
Miyajo's photograph taken with a Nikon 35mm and natural light

Frida Kahlo's belongings were hidden for many years. Ms Miyako stated in an interview with  AnOther  “Frida always receives attention for her extraordinary aspects, but coming into contact with her ordinary side greatly sparked my imagination and inspired me,”  
The collection of photographs include a hairbrush with strands of the artists hair in it, a pair of hoop earrings, and spectacles that the artist wore.

The exhibition is running until July 11 at the Michael Hoppen Gallery. So if you want to catch it, hurry along, as there is only a day left.

Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow, we will be posting 3 more cool art exhibitions to visit in London this summer.  Follow us on instagram and say hi >>>>>>> Pink Intrigue Instagram 

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