Monday, 27 July 2015

Glow Pink Series: Mixed Media

Glow Pink: Digital photography, spray paint and digital stylise effect 

Today is day 1 of our 'Glow Pink' mixed media series. Over the next 7 days, we will be posting a whole host of visual imagery centred around the theme 'Glow Pink'. At the moment we are experimenting with colour, exploring different themes, and examining the affect that  certain colours have on the brain. One of the inspirations behind 'Glow Pink' was the Unicolour exhibition by Carsten Nicolai we attended over the weekend. He explores the relationship between colour and sound using audiovisual technology. We noticed that certain colours such as pale blue and green made us feel calm and relaxed. However, the brighter colours such as fuchsia pink and red made us feel slightly anxious.

Acrylic paint in water on orange and pink backdrop

The colour pink is often associated with love, romance, femininity and calmness. In prisons pink is often used to calm the inmates. However, research has shown that the calming effect only lasts for a short time. Once the individual has been exposed to the colour for a longer period of time, they become more agitated and anxious.
How an individual reacts to colour could be purely subjective therefore, it is vital that we explore the differing affects of colour on a case by case basis. Now we don't want to get too scientific, we just love the colour pink and we wanted to do a series purely focusing on that colour. Who knows, we might even do a glow blue series too. Here are the first images we captured. Tomorrow, we might just focus on mixed media acrylic and digital. Stay tuned!

Pink on purple acrylic paint 

Colour blocking: Pink on black 

Acrylic paint in water with pink back drop

Come back tomorrow for to see more of the 'Glow Pink' series. Please share and follow us on Instagram, we post daily!

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