Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 7: Glow Pink Series

One of the images we created for the Glow Pink series 

Today is the 7th, and final day of the 'Glow Pink' series. We have had a blast creating all these cool, colourful images and we have appreciated your feedback on Twitter and Instagram.
Please check out the last 2 images in the series and remember to come back for the new series entitled 'Glow Blue'. Remember, life is art. Keep creating.
Colour blocks 
Kaleidescopic Roadblock: With every thunderous beat of his heart, it was like a road block. A kaleidoscopic roadblock. 

Feel free to use our images for your backgrounds etc. Just remember to credit us by taggjng us on Instagram and Twitter. 

Check out all the images from the Glow Pink series below:

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