Sunday, 25 October 2015

Day 27: Mixed Media Art Journaling Challenge

"Art literally saved my life, it resussicated me when I was feeling lifeless". Abena, Pink Intrigue 

It is day 27 and yes, I wrote the above quote. Art did literally save my life, when I say art I don't just mean painting and creating visuals. I mean writing poetry, taking photographs, colouring in, expressing myself creatively.
This might be a bit too personal for some, but I think it is necessary to talk about it. I suffer with depression, its not something to be sniffed at, its not something to laugh at, it exists. It is real, and it affects over 350 million people around the world. When I have told people I suffer with depression, they call me crazy, they call me "mental" they find it difficult to be around me because they think they might catch it or something. I will touch more on the topic of depression and the healing power of art in a later blog post. I just wanted to put it out there, creative expression has been my saving grace. So, if you suffer with depression, create something.

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