Thursday, 15 October 2015

Day 17 Mixed Media Art Challenge


Hey guys and welcome to day 17 of our mixed media art challenge. We are having a total blast creating these pieces for you daily, we are hope you are enjoying them too. There is something powerful about setting yourself a challenge and actually sticking to it, actually seeing it through you know. Albert Einstein said this: "If you want to be happy in life, tie it  to a goal not to people or things".

So, if you want to be happy in life, set yourself a goal, work tirelessly to achieve it. Imagine how you will feel when you look back on all your hard work and actually see the end result? We set this goal to create a singular piece of mixed media art per day because we want to challenge ourselves. We want to challenge ourselves to think creatively on a daily basis. Once we have finished, we will have a body of work that will be eternal. Why not get involved? Set yourself a challenge, tweet us and let us know what challenges you are working on right now. We love hearing from you!

We created this piece using a a photograph that was taken on an iPhone 5c. Then we added digital effects using Pixlr. We then printed it out and added some stencil effects using acrylic paint and acrylic inks. Then we scanned it and this was the result. We love the final look, what do you guys think?

mixed media piece 

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