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How I Write 10,000 Words in a Single Day

Work, work, work, work

Hey, since this blog is about creativity, we are captivated by it, we live by it, it is our bread and butter. Why not write a blog post about how to write 10,000 words a day? I started writing 10,000 words a day a couple of years ago. Then I stopped, I just became victim to my own limiting beliefs, I basically started to think I was doing too much.
I started to believe that I simply didn't have the time to write 10,000 words a day. Self-doubt just crept in and crippled me, I stuck to writing a maximum of 3,000 words a day. There was even a time when I was only writing for clients, I was no longer writing blog posts, eBooks, or articles for my online magazines. Heck, I even stopped writing poetry for a while. I could say that I was imprisoned, I became a prisoner of my own self-doubt, my own dark thoughts. I also wrote an article on our other blog called,  How One Blog Post Can Change Your Life: How to Leap from Inspiration to Transformation. It focuses on how to take transfer inspiration to affirmative action. Read it, be inspired, take action.

 Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have recently started to write 10,000 words a day again. I feel so free, so at peace, so in love with this daily task, I am not even going to call it a task, I am going to call it my daily LOVE. Yes, my daily LOVE! What is the actual point of doing something if you are not totally and utterly in love with it?  

Why did I start writing 10,000 words a day again? Well, I stumbled upon a blog post by prolific blogger Ryan Biddulph, the guy is awesome! I was inspired to resume my daily LOVE, and for the past couple of weeks, I have been diligently writing 10,000 words a day, 6 days a week. I realise that it is not necessary to be inspired every day, habit is what counts. You need to form a habit, a habit that ensures you are taking those steps daily to achieve your creative goals. I know some people say that they cannot write every day because they have to feel inspired. However, I believe that if you put pen to paper daily, your writing will only improve, you are mastering your craft, honing your skill. So, even if you are not feeling inspired, even if your creative juices are not flowing, you can still write. So, let's get to it shall we? How do I write 10,000 words a day?  

Before we get into it, bookmark this article, it is another useful resource if you are trying to learn How to Write 10,000 words in a day consistently. 

Getting my mind right

Get Your Mind Right 

If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, telling yourself that it is too hard. Telling yourself that you simply do not have the time to write 10,000 words a day, then you just will not do it. However, if you change that voice in your head, change that voice from, NO I CAN'T DO IT! To, YES I CAN DO IT! You should automatically begin to feel more positive about the task at hand. In Ryan's blog post, he talks about how necessary it is to jump outside of your comfort zone. If the thought of writing 10,000 words a day scares you, then do it anyway. If you tell yourself that you are scared of sitting down daily to write 10,000 words, accept that you are scared, but just do it anyway. You will surprise yourself, do not see it as a task, see it as your daily LOVE!

Start Your Day Right 

If you start your day with meditation, prayer, a huge glass of water, exercise and a refreshing shower. You are more likely to have a productive writing day, than if you were to drag yourself out of bed, forget to mediate/pray, drink your water, exercise and of course have a nice healthy breakfast and a shower. You will probably find yourself feeling sluggish and not in the mood to get your writing done. So, I always start my day with a meditation/prayer as well as positive affirmations, check our Louise Hays's YouTube channel. She has some beautiful content on there, also Ralph Smart on YouTube. Check him out too, his content is inspirational. Basically get some positive reinforcement into your life. Practice it diligently, daily, consistently! You will notice a massive difference, trust me. 

Find Your Why 

Why do you want to write 10,000 words a day? Do you want to make more money? Do you want to be financially free? Do you want to be able to travel the world and write? Do you want to become a famous online writer/blogger? What is your reason? Ryan Biddulph talks about being free, feeling free and living freely. He travels the world, he lives in tropical paradises and makes bucketloads from his content. He says his why is, freedom. What is your why? Once you find your why, and you are passionate enough to put aside your fears to work towards achieving that why, then you will begin the process of leaving your comfort zone. Once you step outside of that comfortable box, you will begin to soar, trust me! One thing you should also remember is this, your 10,000 words a day does not necessarily have to be blog content. Your 10,000 words could consist of client work, blog content, eBook writing and marketing content. Do not concern yourself with what you are going to be writing, just write. As long as what you are writing is actually contributing to your WHY. Just Write!

Set That Timer!

I have been using the Pomedero method since I was in university, you basically work for 25 minutes straight and take a 5 minute break in between. After 4 sets of 25, you take a 10 minute break. Then you can obviously take your lunch break when you need to as well. Some writers/creatives have told me that this method does not work for them. Mainly because they feel it stifles them. It does not allow them to be free and just create however, it works beautifully for me . Especially when I am writing large volumes for clients, or when I am writing personal development articles. I find it not so effective for writing short stories or novels however, it is great for writing self help eBooks, and general information based articles or eBooks. Each to their own, if you have never tried this method, give it a try! You might love it, or you might hate it! Drop your comment in the box below and let me know what you think of the Pomedero method. If you have not tried it before, check out this site>>>> The tomato timer site <<<<< You can give the Pomedero method a try by heading over there.

Before I forget, I also write in segments. So, I aim to write 1,000 words in those 25 minutes. I usually manage to achieve it. However, if I don't manage to achieve the 1,000 words in that time, I just give myself 10 more minutes.  

Write with no Distractions

This can be hard if you work from home but if you can, designate a spare room in the house for your writing. Or, if you do not have a spare room, designate an area in your house or apartment where you write. Turn off all distractions for example, if you spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just generally surfing the web. Then shut it off whilst you are writing, obviously if you need certain sites for research then you might need to leave those sites open. Or, allow them to be viewed offline during your writing session. Do not take phone calls unless they are really important. FOCUS! I usually write with no music blaring, I write in total silence. Ryan Biddulph does the same thing. With the exception of the sound of the ocean waves and birds flying overhead, he writes in silence. No wonder he manages to write so prolifically, sheer FOCUS. He also talks about these BOSE NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES, I might have to give these a try.

I create art daily with loud music in the background. I cannot do this when I write. 

I find that I can create art, visual art with music blaring however, I cannot do this when I am writing. I need total solitude, and I simply cannot talk to anyone. Voices just distract me, music distracts me, any noise for that matter distracts me. Everyone is different, my online writer friend writes with opera music blaring through the speakers. I could never do this! Drop a comment below and tell me how you write, or how you create. Do you listen to music ? Do you sit and write in total silence?

Create a Skeleton

Before I even start my writing day, I create a skeleton. I NEVER sit and write aimlessly, I plan it out. I jot down a basic plan for the day, a few points and notes. Then I begin, this works best for me. Find what works best for you. I always use my beautiful Moleskine notepads to jot down my scattered thoughts before I start.


To be honest, I only discovered the effectiveness of dictation a couple of weeks ago. I have never really tried it before, I am not even sure why. But since I have started dictating, I have actually doubled my output. What I mean by this is, I can speak 1,000 words in about 15 minutes. I usually find though that I have to go back and correct later on, but I really have no problem doing this. I use a Macbook Pro, and originally I was using the Macbook dictator program. However, I was finding it really annoying and ineffective. I am now using an online tool called, Speechnote, it is pretty decent. It is not the best but it does the job. I am contemplating investing in Dragon Dictate forMac. I am told it is the most effective dictation software out there!

As much as I love dictating, I type about 30 % of the time. For example, I am typing this blog post because the Speechnote website is playing up. One thing I love about dictating is, you can move about and get the blood flowing. Sometimes I even march on the spot and walk around, I find it really gets the ideas flowing. I do also sit down and type for a while then I get up and dictate. I have found the perfect balance between dictating and typing. I am loving it! I feel like I have found my perfect flow. Have you found your perfect flow? Once again, drop me a comment below.

Oh, and if you want to become a super writing ninja, then you should really grab a couple of Ryan's eBooks. He provides some awesome advice, especially for those who are just starting out and need that extra bit of support.

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