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Successful people may have their fair share of secrets, but they also have a number of important habits that fuel their accomplishments. These regular behaviors aren’t hard for any of us to do, and they’re not expensive or weird! But they will bring success if you practice them until they become as normal in your life as spring rain!

Habit 1:  “Power-Up” to Start Your Day

Your mindset largely determines your experience of success. The way that you begin your day influences how you move through the next several hours, so spend 15 to 30 minutes (or longer) to get amped up before you hit the door!

•Express gratitude for being alive, for what you’ve learned through the years, and for all your accomplishments to date. Research shows that just 5 minutes of giving thanks literally makes you feel good and prepares you to be an active participant in your day – and thus far more productive than a passive onlooker!

•Take time to be inspired and motivated! A short motivational reading or even a single inspirational quote can change your perspective, so that “problems” become challenges that you eagerly take on! 

•Spend a few minutes planning. In addition to a daily to-do list, plan times to multitask and to take breaks!

Habit 2:  Maximize Every Minute

•Replace “down” time with rejuvenation and productivity: review your vision and goals or listen to a podcast in your field of interest. 

•Use all the helpful technology and apps that will save you time! 

•Whenever possible, multitask in ways that increase your productivity without causing you stress.

Habit 3:  Read!

•Books and articles about your passion, be it photography or politics, enhance your critical thinking skills so that you can produce smartly. 

•Read to expand your imagination, a crucial ingredient to your success – just ask Bill Gates!

Habit 4:  Spend Time with People Who Uplift You

When I was a child, I had a babysitter who often told me, “Hang out with dogs and you’ll get fleas!” Flipping this to the positive, make it a point to spend time with people who can only lift you up because negativity is foreign to them! Their positivity will encourage and motivate you whenever you doubt your potential to accomplish great things. These people will also be supportive when you make a career move or other major transition!

Habit 5:  Relax and Rest Well!

Would Oprah Winfrey be as impactful if she were constantly sleep-deprived? Don’t fool yourself into believing that you can trade-in your rest, relaxation and refreshment for success! Maintaining good physical health is part of being successful: you’ve gotta bring your body along! 

•Take brief moments throughout each day to unwind.

•Laugh (don’t just smile, but really laugh) regularly. Laughter reduces stress throughout your body!

•Look forward to bedtime. Before journaling your end-of-day thoughts, try putting on some relaxing music or taking a warm, candle-lit bath to bring on a restful night’s sleep!


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