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As a mom who’s working from home, you deal with all kinds of executive-level administrative stuff, like scheduling appointments, coordinating events, and establishing procedures that make sense for everyone who’s in the “office.” What may be most challenging is accomplishing your work at hand, whether it’s freelance writing or consulting for nonprofits. Take heart! Here are five nifty tips that will keep you productive despite all the chaos that greets you daily.

  • Do Just Enough

         Although it’s not a new idea, it’s a major shortcut to boost productivity: do only the work that only you can do — and delegate the rest! Totally let go of the idea that anyone else will do a substandard job. Decide what makes sense to delegate (occasionally or forever), like making breakfast, rides to school and activities, and unloading the dishwasher. You may also find that some of your professional work can be done by family members — more on this later.

Assign every possible household chore with a quickness! Even your 4-year-old can handle a few responsible tasks, and certainly your older kids can as well – not to mention Dad. Just be sure to give high-fives, kisses and hugs when the home crew sticks to the program; if they get lazy, assign reasonable consequences. Final note: You must stick to the program if you expect your family to do so; don’t ever do Damien’s chores short of some justifiable emergency!

  • Do Your Homework 

         Your kids should know that you have homework at the end of your day just like they do. After dinner (or other time) is when you can all spend quiet time doing homework; yours will be tying up loose ends, maybe making your daily calls, or planning for the next day.

  • Decide What Really Matters

         Obviously, your goal isn’t to just produce, but to accomplish the work that needs to be done in a high-quality manner. Take a few minutes to prioritize your work and decide what needs to be accomplished today. Focus on tackling only these tasks – ideally the most difficult or time-consuming ones first, which will give you a confidence boost and “easier ride” for the other focused tasks.

  • Be Productive, Family-Style

         Comb out or braid your daughter’s hair while she reads aloud your schedule for the week – great reading practice for her while reminding you of what’s coming up! Or, have an older child complete your digital calendar, saving you time and reinforcing their computer calendaring skills. These are just two examples of how you can help kids improve their skills while maintaining your productivity!

  • Establish an Hour-Long Daily “Me” Routine
  • Give yourself 15 minutes of morning quiet time to express gratitude and plan your day.
  • Read at least 15 minutes, whether for inspiration, information or pure fun!
  • Exercise 20-30 minutes to stretch your muscles, relieve stress and increase your heart rate.
  • Researchers know that inhaling and exhaling deeply relaxes your body, so spend 5-10 minutes deep-breathing before bedtime.

Routinely taking good care of you is a must to ensure your productivity


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