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Being a hashtag “girlboss” is certainly not easy, but in my opinion, the key to being a successful girlboss is using your time productively and finding space to take care of yourself. As much as work, work, work, work is the “in” thing to do, team no sleep and all that jazz, rest is just as important as work. Some might beg to differ, but hey we all have our own opinion.


In this post, I am going to give you a few tips for being a more productive girlboss. Following every single suggestion is not mandatory but recommended haha. Seriously though, find your own flow, learn from others but maintain some level of flexibility. If you are passionate and you are sure about why you want to achieve your goals to manage a successful business, then go ahead girl, get your work on! Let’s go!


Get That Good Workspace


I love the idea of working from the window seat of my favorite inner-city coffee shop and banging out work until closing time. However, my thoughts and fantasies do not often align with reality. I get there, put on my noise cancelling headphones and sit there staring into space for at least 30 minutes before I actually start getting the work done. I work for five minutes, and then I am up again for more coffee, a friend of mine walks in, and we get to chatting. Before I know it, it is lunchtime, and my stomach is grumbling for grub.


For me, I work best at the library in the study area or my office. I am forced to be productive at home, but I get less done at home.


The coffee shop is perfect for social media planning, brainstorming and answering emails. I need total silence or some very soft jazz music to write blog posts, articles or book chapters. The point I am making here, you will be most productive when you work from the place you love working from most. Find your happy place and get to work.


Set That Timer


I am obsessed with the Pomodoro method, it has saved my life when I have had tight deadlines. When I am struggling to focus and complete essential tasks for the day. Once I switch my work brain on and set the timer, I plow through tasks like a machine.


What Is The Pomodoro Method?


The Pomodoro method is a time management system developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980’s. This is how it works:


-Set a timer for 25 minutes

-When the alarm goes off, take  a 5-minute break

-Continue to take 5-minute breaks after each 25-minute interval.

-When you get through four 25 minute cycles, take a 20-30 minute break

-Start all over again


Reduce The Things to Do List


I am guilty of writing considerable things to do lists for one day. Halfway through the day, anxiety kicks in, and I start questioning my ability to achieve my goals. Sometimes I end up crawling into bed instead of working because I conclude that failure is inevitable so I might as well just quit for the day.


I have noticed recently that my most productive days are when my things to do list is short and focused. I end up finishing everything on the list in record time, then I work on other things that I did not plan to work on. The most important thing is, putting the essential tasks on the things to do list and leaving out the rest. Simplify your day by leaving out all the fluff, if you have time for the fluff later on then fine but do not overwhelm yourself with the non-essentials from the get-go.



I started batching a few years ago then I stopped and decided to focus on doing things my way instead. I revisited the whole batching thing a few months ago, and I am loving it. What is batching? I hear you say.


Batching permits you to carry out similar tasks in one sitting. For example, answer all your emails at one time. Then do not answer any more emails until your next email batching session. I usually answer emails for 50 minutes. Then I move on to focusing entirely on social media stuff, then from there, I am all about research. Then article writing, then editing. I rinse and repeat this process on most days. Sometimes it changes, I am flexible, I am not too rigid because I have to factor in essential meetings, phone calls, unfortunate incidences, and other things.


Productive Procrastination

The term “Productive Procrastination” was coined by Piers Steel, a psychologist at The University of Calgary. He argues that procrastination can actually be a positive thing. During productive procrastination sessions, you are typically inspired to do something that you might have been putting off for a while. For example, during my productive procrastination sessions, I often end up planning social media content. Whilst researching an idea for a caption or looking for a quote something clicks in my brain, and I come up with an idea for the article that I was writing earlier on. I would usually stop and write this idea down and continue with the social media research.


Sometimes I go for a long walk, I never see taking walks as a waste of time. When the breeze kisses my face, and the blood starts pumping, I feel like a warrior princess and ideas start flowing. I often take my phone on long walks so that I can record the thoughts that I come up with.


Leave The Phone Alone


When you are trying to get some serious work done, leave your phone alone. This is easier said than done but if you really want to complete tasks just put it away for at least 25 minutes at a time.


Rest + Love Yourself

Rest is crucial, work is essential too, but often your best thoughts and ideas come when you are taking much-needed rest. Think about it like this, when you go to the gym and work your muscles, the change does not happen when you are working out in the gym, the transition occurs when your muscles get a chance to rest. When you are recovering, your muscles repair themselves and transform. Therefore, when you are working non-stop, your brain has no time to relax and recover. If you really want to boost your productivity, establish a balance between work and rest.


I hope you found this post useful, but please use the advice that I have given you to inspire you to rethink the way you work. Find you find effective ways to boost productivity, working 12 hour days is unnecessary.


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