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Creativity is the buzzword right now, are you being “creative” enough? Are you really that creative anyway? What is creativity? So many questions right? Most people think of the word creative as an adjective that describes something or someone artistic. For example, a painter, a writer, a musician, an illustrator, a graphic designer. Creativity is life, we are all creative in some way. Did you get up and come up with a different breakfast smoothie recipe? Did you fold your towels and make your bed? Our motto at Pink Intrigue is “We Live Life Creatively.” Therefore, in our day to day lives we create, we produce, we think.


For the sake of this article, we are going to focus on finding surprising ways to boost your creative juices to finish a project or a come up with ideas for a client or for a particular goal you want to achieve. There are a few things that you can do to get those creative juices pumping. Read on…


Listen To Music

Listening to music boosts creativity by stimulating the part of the brain that controls motor actions, emotions and creativity. “The Mozart Effect” claims that listening to Mozart or classical music in general can boost creativity, focus and other brain functions.


Write By Hand


In our increasingly technological world the need for handwriting is dwindling. With most of us turning to our phone notepads, Google Docs and text notepads to thrash out ideas. However, writing by hand is very useful if you want to get those creative juices flowing. Functional magnetic resonance imaging studies have revealed that children who had received handwriting instruction had neural activity that was far more enhanced than those who had simply looked at letters.


A study that was cited in the Wall Street Journal indicated that students who took written notes in class as opposed to typed notes eventually had a better grasp on concepts outlined in lectures.


Next time you feel the urge to type out your ideas, try pulling out a pen and notebook instead.


Look At Something Blue or Green


Research has shown that the colours blue and green enhance brain function. The colours blue and green are associated with the sky, the ocean and nature as a whole. Blue is connected to openness and green is connected to growth. The next time you find yourself stuck in a creative rut, stare at the colours blue and green.




Sometimes the best remedy for a creative blockage is to get on with it. Create something, forget about showing anyone what you have created and just get your brain moving. Sometimes I sit down to write a chapter of my book and I stare at the blank page for hours before I start to write anything. I found that instead of sitting around waiting for the creative juices to flow, just write something anyway. Sometimes I just think of a list of adjectives to describe something or I write a whole list of verbs. I often practice productive procrastination where I work on something totally different for a period of time and then I come back to the main work.


I am actually practicing productive procrastination as I write this. I am supposed to be writing a chapter for a book that I am releasing next year. However, instead of working on that, I am creating this blog post instead. Why? Because I am not in the right headspace to write fiction but when  I am done with this I will surely revisit the book.


Take a Walk


Get some fresh air, take a walk and focus on nothing else but taking a walk. Often when you take your mind off the task, the answers that you are searching for just come to you. This happens because taking a walk relaxes you, it removes anxiety and tension. Thus allowing ideas to flow, opening your mind to creative thoughts and concepts.


Sit Outside a Box


You have probably heard of the saying think outside the box right? Well, studies have shown that people who sit outside an actual box think more creatively than those who sit inside the box. If you do not have a box, try sitting outside in the hallway instead.



Rethink Labels


Take an object and break it into pieces, so instead of just thinking about a flower, break it up and think about the various parts of the flower such as the stalk, the leaves, the petals. Another example, a cell phone. Think about it like this, a screen, a battery, sim card and software. This particular method of thinking is called the generic-parts technique.


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