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Before I get into this, I want to introduce myself to my Pink Intrigue newbies. Hi, my name is Abena, and I own Pink Intrigue Shop and Pink Intrigue the brand. Pink Intrigue started off as an online copywriting company and online media company. We create written content for clients all over the world, and we produce informative content for our own online publications. In 2014, we decided to change direction a bit and add a new facet to the company. We started producing mixed media creative products such as backpacks, notepads and coffee cups. We started off selling on Redbubble, and things were going well, then we decided to kick it up a notch and open a standalone online store. Here we are! Pink Intrigue Shop went Live in the summer of 2018, and we are going strong and loving it!


The idea behind Pink Intrigue Shop was a Girlboss concept store, we wanted to create products to inspire and motivate young female entrepreneurs. All our products have inspirational names such as “Delve Deeper” and “Evolve.” Anyway, let’s get into the things that I have learned from starting an online business.




I started my online business in 2007/2008. I was going through a terrible time when I decided to launch my first online magazine. I began it alongside my business website, and the growth was somewhat rapid. I was shocked at how quickly things went from zero to a thousand. A couple of years went by, and my profits were tumbling, I was losing clients, and my website clicks had fallen drastically. I realized that I had to change a few things, the websites were overhauled, some deleted and some relaunched. Everything was changing in the digital world, and I came to the realization that I was going to have to start a few things from scratch.


I am certainly not a patient person, I struggle with that. However, I had to change pretty quickly. Because things were moving slowly, gaining new clients was a prolonged process, and we had to let some of our writers go. Downsizing was the best thing that could have ever happened to our business, but it was hard to find a new normal, but we did it.


Letting Go


Letting go of things, places, people, it is difficult. I find it extremely difficult to let go. Running an online business has taught me to let go and move on. Things do not always work out how you expected them to. Instead of complaining and trying something over and over again that is clearly not working. The best thing to do is just accept that this is not right for you and move on. We started off with 20 information based websites, some with very niche topics that eventually faded out. I was so obsessed with the content that we had created that I wanted to keep the sites going. After long talks with my business partner, we decided to pull down more than half of the sites and focus on a small number of niche websites instead. We even let some of our clients go because the work they were giving us did not fall in line with the purpose that we had set for ourselves. We wanted Pink Intrigue to stand for something, we didn’t just want to accept every project that came our way because of the money. We wanted our clients to fit in with our core purpose as a brand.




I have learned to listen to my gut instinct. Every time I fight my gut instinct and go against my intuition, things just do not work out. However, the more I listen to my inner thoughts and feelings, the more I see results. Listen to your gut! Most of the time you are right.




I am not sure when I became a hermit, but I find it very difficult to get out there and talk to people. However, running an online business has taught me the importance of connection. Connecting with like-minded people, even if I don’t go out and speak to people, I connect with people online. I make a point of connecting with at least one person every single day on Instagram or Facebook.




It is ok to rest, there is nothing wrong with taking time off. Taking a nap during the day, stepping away from the laptop, switching off your phone, unplugging from the madness. I am a workaholic so resting is often the last thing I want to do. Despite this, I do make an effort to schedule myself in for a pedicure, a facial or manicure whenever I get the chance. I step away from my desk and have 20-minute sessions where I just do nothing at all. Or I listen to an audiobook or I meditate. Self-care is essential, do not neglect yourself. When you take a break, you will come back stronger, refreshed and focused. Rest more.


I am still learning and growing, every day brings new challenges. I am learning to see every obstacle as an opportunity to develop and acquire more knowledge. I am becoming the best version of myself, day by day things change and evolve, I too change and grow.


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