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“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

Anthony Robbins


Over the years I have struggled with remaining consistent, I would often start something and stop within a few months of starting. Staying consistent is vital if you want to succeed in anything. Let me give a quick example of how lack of consistency had a negative effect on a goal I had set for myself. A few years ago, I started a YouTube channel about plant based living. I was posting every few days, I was killing it. Then I stopped and started posting once a month or twice in the space of three or four months. I struggled with staying on top of things, eventually I stopped posting altogether. The people that started their channels at the same time that I did have all grown significantly in their YouTube careers. I am just learning the hard lessons of not staying consistent.

I recently started my YouTube channel again, and it is going really well. I am posting often and things are looking up. Do not be like me, stick to the process and focus. In this article, I am going to help you out with the whole consistency thing with five simple steps to get you pushing through and moving forward.


1.Create Specific and Realistic Goals

Creating specific goals, if you create vague goals with no clear path you will most likely full flat on your face. Create clear, focused goals, without a clear goal, you will be more likely to quit. Make sure you are setting SMART goals.








  1. Don’t Do Too Much


It is better for you to set one major goal instead of setting 50 major goals. You will end up feeling overwhelmed and drained. When you are setting your goals, or when you have something that you need to complete, think about the most important tasks. Set one goal, achieve it and move on to the next goal. There is no joy in setting too many goals, doing this will leave you feeling burned out and fed up.


  1. Study Examples of People Who Have Remained Consistent


One of the things that really helped me with consistency was studying other people who have worked consistently and seen results. For example, I have been watching Wode Maya on YouTube for a while as well as Erin May Henry. They both post very regularly and you can rely on them to release new content on a regular basis. Their channels have grown signingicantly in a short space of time. Watching them provides me with the motivation that I need to keep going.


  1. Think About The End Game

Think about how you want your life to look. If you stop now, would you want your life to be the same as it is now? When you think about the negative impact quitting could have on your overall life plan, you will be motivated to continue working toward your goal.


  1. Rest (power of rest)

Never underestimate the power of rest. Give yourself time to rest and refuel. Rest is an essential component of working well and working efficiently. When you are working, take breaks and have days off when you need to(this applies to people who work  for themselves) Sometimes when you work non-stop, with no break or no time to rest, productivity dwindles and tasks are left undone. If you want to learn how to remain consistent in your working life, rest more. Understand the importance and the power of taking a break. You will thank yourself for it.

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